Not very far from our head office is a plot of land that we can call our own – sort of!

It’s a place where people of all abilities can learn new skills, get some fresh air and exercise and, hopefully, grow something. It’s been neglected during lockdown and Covid times, but it’s ready and waiting for a rebirth.

The allotment project is overseen by Alan Wilson (pictured), and aims to provide a multitude of opportunities for people we support. It’s a peaceful oasis in a big city, where birds sing in spring and apples ripen in autumn; where a person can get away from the humdrum routines of life for a few hours.

But it can also be a sociable place. People find camaraderie in working together to achieve a common goal, and it will be used for communal events like barbecues and apple juice pressing in due course. Alan is keen to get people involved in making the allotment flourish. There will be raised beds suitable for wheelchair-users, a non-glass greenhouse and a variety of accessible tools. So anyone can join in, whatever their ability.

If there are any green-fingered people out there who would like to volunteer some of their time, we’d love to hear from you! There’s a lot to do and people who are good at all sorts of things will be welcome.

Please email Mark Veater (operational manager) if you’re interested, or call on 0191 5802364